Benn Jordan

Benn Jordan/The Flashbulb

Today I would like to introduce Benn Jordan, who performs his music in dual identities.  He was the person who made me in love with electronic music.

The first time that I started to listen to Benn Jordan’s music was in 2012.  I purchased and downloaded the album “Opus at The End of Everything,” which used one of his pseudonyms The Flashbulb. 

 I fell in love with his music immediately after I listened to the first soundtrack “The Trees in Juarez” in this album.  The Flashbulb blended classical instruments with electronic music perfectly and created an ornate opening. 

Unlike other albums that may only have few highlights, every piece of music in “Opus at The End of Everything” could draw my attention to keep listening.  The Flashbulb endued a little scene in every soundtrack and composed these little scenes into an impressive story.  He used his creative thoughts in music to describe his ideas of the end of the world, which is looking on the bright side and becoming optimistic.

After I listened to this brilliant album over hundreds of times, I started to search any related information of The Flashbulb.  To be honest, I did not know that The Flashbulb and Benn Jordan were the same person at the beginning.  Meanwhile, I did not know Benn Jordan separated his name from The Flashbulb and set up two different identities in music.

It means that Jordan is creating music and developing his styles in two or more different ways.  As the result that I got from the Internet, he concentrates on modern jazz and intelligence dance music.  These two genres are revealed in a series of albums under Benn Jordan and The Flashbulb.

Jordan arranged different proportions of modern jazz and intelligence dance music in his two identities and created two unique styles.  If a listener simply enjoys the music from Jordan’s two identities, he may not recognize the same person made these albums.

For instance, in the album “Louisiana Mourning” and “Arboreal,” Jordan applied his two major genres but created two different styles of album, which separated his identities in Benn Jordan and The Flashbulb. Although Jordan needs to make music in two different ways, he still could create wonderful opuses.

His music has completely got my favorite, and now I introduced this talented musician to you.  I hope you will enjoy his music.

In the next week, I will bring a London-based electronica and dance musician Jon Hopkins.


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