Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins

If you never heard Jon Hopkins in your life, it does not mean that you never heard his music indirectly.  As a London-based producer and musician, Hopkins released six solo albums and two albums of original motion picture soundtrack in the past decade.  Except for his works in those six albums, he also produced soundtracks or contributed works for various singers or groups, such as Coldplay, Brian Eno, David Holmes and others.

You may know the gorgeous opening music “Life in Technicolor” from Coldplay’s album “Viva La Vida.”  This song borrowed Hopkins’ soundtrack “Light Through The Vein” to frame the construct.

Like “Life in Technicolor” that brought Coldplay a successful album, Jon Hopkins created much brilliant music, which was under other musicians’ titles.  However, He never stood in the spotlight.  This is the fact that brings his music career into a different way. 

Through his music career, he barely spent human resource and material resource on publicity work of his every album.  ITunes was his first option to release EP on Internet, and classic edition was his primary choice to put albums into market.

He did not draw public attentions, but he gave people hints to find out his brilliant music.  “Life in Technicolor” is a typical clue that Hopkins made to people to explore his albums on the corner of the world.

I cannot remember the exact date or year that I started to listen to Jon Hopkins’s music, but “Life in Technicolor” was definitely the first soundtrack that led me to Hopkins’s world.  Now, I introduce him to you and hope you will enjoy his music.


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