Wilhelm Tell Me

Wilhelm Tell Me

I am going to introduce an indie band that does not have official or unofficial biographies.  This band is Wilhelm Tell Me, from Germany.  Although this band only released one solo album so far, Wilhelm Tell Me still impressed me and drove to introduce it.

Wilhelm Tell Me has four members in its band.  Because I could not find any related information from the Internet, I do not know those members’ names.  However, it does not mean that its music is awful like their popularity.  On the contrary, people would be in love with its voice and melody.

The following soundtrack “Oh My God” might impress a part of people.  This song may be a representative work that Wilhelm Tell Me made in its album “Excuse My French.”

Wilhelm Tell Me released the album “Excuse My French” 2011 and started its career in music.  “Excuse My French” recorded eleven soundtracks.  Almost every piece of music is highlighted.  Everyone who ever listened to this band’s music should appreciate its delicate works.

I found this band on Spotify accidentally, and I think this band did a great job in music.  And now I introduce this band to you and hope that you will enjoy music from Wilhem Tell Me.  In the next week, I will introduce another singer and songwriter Rhye.


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