I feel excited for no reason today.  Woke up in the morning, I opened up the radio service on Spotify.  The first played song was “The Fall” by Rhye.  The light piano with Mike Milosh’s gorgeous powerhouse voice made an impressive beginning of Sunday morning.

I cannot believe that as a male, Milosh could perform a superior feminine voice to express women’s secret thoughts, which is from a male’s side.  The truth is that he did a good job in his group’s past album “Woman.”

Milosh is not the only member in the Group, Rhye.  Robin Hannibal is the other person in this group.

These two musicians have the similar experience before they made a group together.  They both ever signed to a German record label, Plug Research.  Milosh released two solo albums, and Hannibal was a member of Danish Duo Quardon.

Milosh and Hannibal went to know each other by a fortuitous chance, and then Milosh flied from Berlin to Demark to meet Hannibal.  They worked together one week in studio and make three collaborative soundtracks.  They appreciated the other’s work. 

Later on, both of them went to pursuit their career in Los Angels.  Based on the previous successful works they did, Milosh and Hannibal decided to form an R&B duo.  The name that they used to title their new career is Rhye.

Rhye released its first album “Woman” 2013 and started a series of performance in California area.  Although their soundtracks never posted on the Billboard, they still gathered many royal fans.

Rhye’s music is perfect to be placed under the list of moody music.  I promise that Milosh and Hannibal’s music will bring people a marvelous experience while they are relaxed at home.

I introduce Rhye to you today and hope you will enjoy its music.  In the next week, I will introduce an indie rock band from Sydney, “Made in Japan.”


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