Made in Japan

Made in Japan

Today, the introduced band is Made in Japan.  Do not be confused by this band’s name because of this band’s name. Made in Japan was not formed in Japan but Australia.

A primary question of this dream-pop band that surrounds people may be its name.  Why a group of people from Australia would like to use Japan to represent their music?

Unfortunately, due to the scarcity Internet resources of Made in Japan, it seems difficult to find out the clue.

Made in Japan was formed by two schoolmates James Cooney and Jono Graham in Sydney, and other two members, Tom Davis and Andrew Knox, joined in the band soon afterwards.

This band committed to create captivating groove based indie music. According to its profile on Facebook fan page, Made in Japan establish its unique between dream pop, post-rock and the pastel Sydney skyline.

As listeners could feel from Made in Japan’s soundtracks, every piece of music could draw people into a lonely space somewhere and enjoy a piece of quiet.  Made in Japan blended light metal into the typical Australian classic culture and present different music to people.

Because this band is for the minorities that possess special taste, Made in Japan is still unknown for most of people. However, this band’s music is truly delicate.

Today, I introduce Made in Japan to you and hope that you will enjoy the music from this band.


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