Ólafur Arnalds

Ólafur Arnalds

First time that I watched Ólafur Arnalds’s music live video was like — “wow! This guy is amazing!” If you watched Arnald’s NPR live, you probably would go to search this musician and purchase his music.

Ólafur Arnalds, a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Iceland, released eight albums through his 6-year career life. As a diverse musician, Arnalds is not only proficient in traditional musical instruments, but he also knows electronic equipment.

He places electronic fact as a unique characteristic into his music composition. The attentive listeners may find out that Arnalds composed and produced his music meticulously.

Every note and every phase are crafted and ingenious. Arnalds’s music will bring listeners into a fairyland. Most people would fall in love with his music from the first time.

I started to listen Ólafur Arnalds’s music was because of his recent released album “For Now I Am Winter.” The entire album is arranged under piano and stringed instruments. Meanwhile, the special process through electronic equipment created classic music into a unique style.

Every time listening to Arnalds’s music always brings me marvelous experience. I always choose to listen his music going through my spare time. I appreciate Arnalds’s music and hope more people will know this genius musician.

Today, I introduce Ólafur Arnalds to you and hope you will enjoy his music.


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