Asleep Version EP by Jon Hopkins — Let Mind Roaming in the Sky

Asleep Version Album Cover

The London Based electronic musician Jon Hopkins, released a new EP November 11. This name of this extended play single is Asleep Version.

Hopkins picks 4 soundtracks from his latest album Immunity and reworks them with his mind. He also invites two English musician King Creosote and Raphaelle Standell participating the vocal recording for the 1st and 2nd soundtrack.

Unlike the album Immunity that is filled with intense tone through most part of the work, Hopkins dismantles the heavy crackle of beats in theses 4 highlight soundtracks. They are Immunity, Form by Firelight, Breath the Air and Open Eye signal.

Listeners would have a different audition experience in Asleep Version. Hopkins uses simple piano chords, pattering percussion, field recordings and vocal elements to reform these 4 pieces of soundtracks.

People could follow the music and fall into deep thoughts. This EP can lead listeners opening their mind and roaming in the sky.


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