The Flashbulb — Nothing is Real

Nothing is Real Album Cover

The Chicago IDM musician Flashbulb or Benn Jordan released a new studio album Nothing is Real May 12. Due to the timeliness, introducing this album as news is inappropriate. However, as an outstanding person in undiscovered music world, somebody has to introduce this brilliant album.

Nothing is Real is an album that could place with The Flashbulb’s other 2 albums Arboreal and Opus at The End of Everything, as the best works that he has done in his music career.

This album starts at the soundtrack Dead on the 4th of July in dignified tone with simple electronic beats and ends at the soundtrack Timelapse in smooth piano play.

The extreme fluency of the play in this album could completely impress listeners. All the soundtracks interweave fantasy and reality and create an aloof world to listeners.


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