Tokio Hotel — Such a Disappointment After 5-Year Break

Tokio Hotel is a German pop band, formed in 2001. This band is the hottest youth group in Europe. Even in this band’s 5-year break, Tokio Hotel’s fans still vote it as the best rock band in different music awards.

Since 2009 after Tokio Hotel released its 4th studio album Humanoid, this band disappeared in the public. Until this year October 6, Tokio Hotel came back to fans and announced their 5th album Kings of Suburbia.

kings of suburbia Album Cover

However, this album is not as good as the public expected. From the first soundtrack to the last one this album, experts could pick fatal flaws that could destroy the entire album.

The public disappointed to Tokio Hotel’s 5th album.   This band could do better in its work.


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