“The Eraser” — Thom Yorke’s Solo Album

The Album Cover of "The Eraser."  Photo credited by Zhuoqin Yang

The Album Cover of “The Eraser.” Photo credited by Zhuoqin Yang

Today, I’m going to talk about a solo album from Radiohead’s leader singer Thom Yorke. In July 10 2006, Thom Yorke and his group announced to release a new album — “The Eraser.” This is not an album Thom Yorke worked with his mates from Radiohead, but this is an album Yorke created by himself and released it with his own name.

Compared with most of Radiohead’s albums, “The Eraser” presents different music genres. Thom Yorke no longer played rock in this album, but he made a bold attempt and blended electronica, glitch pop and IDM into his music.

Soundtracks from “The Eraser” hit the right spot of alternative music, which do not fit the mainstream but still would draw public’s attention. In 2007, this album was nominated for Mercury Music Prize and Grammy Award The Best Alternative music Album.


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