The XX

The XX

The XX is a London-based indie pop band. Three members form the group. They are
Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim and Jamie Smith.

The XX released its eponymous album “XX” in 2009. The first soundtrack “Opening” was used in the comedy movie “Project X.” Because of this soundtrack, people start to know this band. In August 2009, the XX had its first concert in London.

In September 1st 2012, this band released its second studio album “Coexist.” This band started to perform in different music festivals. They also went to other bands’ concerts as gust.

The XX's second album  cover.  Photo credited by Zhuoqin Yang

The XX’s second album cover. Photo credited by Zhuoqin Yang

The XX’s music brings listeners a different auditory experience. Today I introduce this band to you and hope you enjoy The XX’s music.


If The Stars Are Eternal, So Are You and I

The album cover of "If The Stars Are Eternal, So Are You and I."  Photo credited by Zhuoqin Yang

The album cover of “If The Stars Are Eternal, So Are You and I.” Photo credited by Zhuoqin Yang

“If the star are eternal, so are you and I.” What a brilliant phrase to light people’s beautiful vision! This phrase is the title of the electronica artist’s 5th studio album, which was released in June 19 2012.

“If The Stars Are Eternal, So Are You and I” has an impressive album cover. It includes the dark sky with billions of shinning stars and the only man who is looking up the sky. The album cover directly reflects the speciality of this album’s music.

BT blended ambient, electronica and glitch into work. He made tones and created a vast ambient space in all of his soundtracks.

Listeners could immerse in the music and have a different auditory experience.

As the tile of BT’s 5th studio album, BT used music demonstrating his understanding to this phrase. Today, I introduce this album to you and hope you will enjoy it.

“The Eraser” — Thom Yorke’s Solo Album

The Album Cover of "The Eraser."  Photo credited by Zhuoqin Yang

The Album Cover of “The Eraser.” Photo credited by Zhuoqin Yang

Today, I’m going to talk about a solo album from Radiohead’s leader singer Thom Yorke. In July 10 2006, Thom Yorke and his group announced to release a new album — “The Eraser.” This is not an album Thom Yorke worked with his mates from Radiohead, but this is an album Yorke created by himself and released it with his own name.

Compared with most of Radiohead’s albums, “The Eraser” presents different music genres. Thom Yorke no longer played rock in this album, but he made a bold attempt and blended electronica, glitch pop and IDM into his music.

Soundtracks from “The Eraser” hit the right spot of alternative music, which do not fit the mainstream but still would draw public’s attention. In 2007, this album was nominated for Mercury Music Prize and Grammy Award The Best Alternative music Album.



Anathema is a progressive rock band from Liverpool, United Kingdom. Five members form the entire band. The Cavanagh brothers Lee Brothers respond to all positions. I don’t know the popularity of this band is in European Area, but Anathema is not the celebrity in North America.

However, most music lovers would like to collect anathema’s music after they listened to this band’s music. Anathema’s music could use “mind blowing” to describe. The smooth guitar duets, the magnificent atmosphere and the unique acoustic line, build the auditory feast.

Since the debut in 1993, Anathema has released 11 albums. The critics in the filed ever underrated this band, but Anathema used its practical actions defeating its honor. This band is still producing and presenting humbling music to the world.



Scott Hansen is a Saint-Francisco-based producer and artist. He is well known in the ambient music world by his stage name Tycho. Since Hansen started to produce at his studio from 2004, he has released 4 studio albums, 2 EPs and 11 singles.

Tycho’s inspiration in music is from several influential musicians in the alternative world. They are DJ Shadow, Ulrich Schnauss and the Scottish electronic music duo Boards of Canada. The experts and critics also use Hansen’s music to compare with these 3 musicians.

The topic of Tycho’s music is always about the sun and the night sky. It is not only because his album covers are all with the related graphics, but also his music is closely related to the sunrise, hope and life philosophy.

Hansen’s music is a good choice for reading and chill time.

Tokio Hotel — Such a Disappointment After 5-Year Break

Tokio Hotel is a German pop band, formed in 2001. This band is the hottest youth group in Europe. Even in this band’s 5-year break, Tokio Hotel’s fans still vote it as the best rock band in different music awards.

Since 2009 after Tokio Hotel released its 4th studio album Humanoid, this band disappeared in the public. Until this year October 6, Tokio Hotel came back to fans and announced their 5th album Kings of Suburbia.

kings of suburbia Album Cover

However, this album is not as good as the public expected. From the first soundtrack to the last one this album, experts could pick fatal flaws that could destroy the entire album.

The public disappointed to Tokio Hotel’s 5th album.   This band could do better in its work.

The Flashbulb — Nothing is Real

Nothing is Real Album Cover

The Chicago IDM musician Flashbulb or Benn Jordan released a new studio album Nothing is Real May 12. Due to the timeliness, introducing this album as news is inappropriate. However, as an outstanding person in undiscovered music world, somebody has to introduce this brilliant album.

Nothing is Real is an album that could place with The Flashbulb’s other 2 albums Arboreal and Opus at The End of Everything, as the best works that he has done in his music career.

This album starts at the soundtrack Dead on the 4th of July in dignified tone with simple electronic beats and ends at the soundtrack Timelapse in smooth piano play.

The extreme fluency of the play in this album could completely impress listeners. All the soundtracks interweave fantasy and reality and create an aloof world to listeners.

Asleep Version EP by Jon Hopkins — Let Mind Roaming in the Sky

Asleep Version Album Cover

The London Based electronic musician Jon Hopkins, released a new EP November 11. This name of this extended play single is Asleep Version.

Hopkins picks 4 soundtracks from his latest album Immunity and reworks them with his mind. He also invites two English musician King Creosote and Raphaelle Standell participating the vocal recording for the 1st and 2nd soundtrack.

Unlike the album Immunity that is filled with intense tone through most part of the work, Hopkins dismantles the heavy crackle of beats in theses 4 highlight soundtracks. They are Immunity, Form by Firelight, Breath the Air and Open Eye signal.

Listeners would have a different audition experience in Asleep Version. Hopkins uses simple piano chords, pattering percussion, field recordings and vocal elements to reform these 4 pieces of soundtracks.

People could follow the music and fall into deep thoughts. This EP can lead listeners opening their mind and roaming in the sky.

Ólafur Arnalds

Ólafur Arnalds

First time that I watched Ólafur Arnalds’s music live video was like — “wow! This guy is amazing!” If you watched Arnald’s NPR live, you probably would go to search this musician and purchase his music.

Ólafur Arnalds, a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Iceland, released eight albums through his 6-year career life. As a diverse musician, Arnalds is not only proficient in traditional musical instruments, but he also knows electronic equipment.

He places electronic fact as a unique characteristic into his music composition. The attentive listeners may find out that Arnalds composed and produced his music meticulously.

Every note and every phase are crafted and ingenious. Arnalds’s music will bring listeners into a fairyland. Most people would fall in love with his music from the first time.

I started to listen Ólafur Arnalds’s music was because of his recent released album “For Now I Am Winter.” The entire album is arranged under piano and stringed instruments. Meanwhile, the special process through electronic equipment created classic music into a unique style.

Every time listening to Arnalds’s music always brings me marvelous experience. I always choose to listen his music going through my spare time. I appreciate Arnalds’s music and hope more people will know this genius musician.

Today, I introduce Ólafur Arnalds to you and hope you will enjoy his music.

Sigur Rós

Sigur Rós

If you watched the film “We Bought a Zoo”, the original soundtrack in the end of this film may impress you. The bright piano with ethereal voice accompany with the end of the story perfectly.

This soundtrack is “Hoppípolla,” by Sigur Rós. Although this Icelandic post-rock band may be not unknown around the world, Sigur Rós is also not walking on the mainstream of music.

Sigur Rós has been active since 1994. It has two times member changes. Ágúst Ævar Gunnarsson, the drummer, joined in the band in 1994 and left in 1999; Kjartan Sveinsson, the keyboardist, joined in 1998 and left in 2013.

Currently, Sigur Rós maintains three founder members — Jónsi, Georg Hólm and Orri Páll Dýrason. They respond for different part of works.

From early time to present, Sigur Rós has released ten albums. Every album presents this band’s different eras with ideologies.

Besides “Hoppípolla,” The first soundtrack that I listened from Sigur Rós was “Sigur Rós,” which is collected in its first album “Von.”   This soundtrack is the masterpiece that Sigur Rós made and also represented the best of this band.

Meanwhile, we still could get many amazing soundtracks from other Sigur Rós’s albums.

Today, I introduce Sigur Rós to you and hope you will enjoy it.